Thank you for your interest in NOZY’S NIBBLETS made by NOZY’S LLC an Arizona Limited Liability Company.

We produce high quality, all natural dog bone treats. These natural dog bone treats have NO preservatives, and have NO harmful additives. These dog bone treats are maintained by simply refrigerating them. WHAT COULD BE EASIER?

NOZY’S NIBBLETS are natural dog bone treats designed to give your dog pleasure in variety and taste. These dog bone treats come in beef, chicken, green bean, apple, and variety flavors.

We decided to make an all natural dog bone treat that was safe enough for even you to eat and feel comfortable giving your pet. The ingredients include: Beef, chicken, green beans or apple, and broth, oatmeal, unbleached flour, carrots, and cod liver oil. We can add cheese to the recipe also. I think you will agree, there is nothing harmful in these treats.

These natural dog bone treats are just that – a treat. It is not intended to be a substitute for a well balanced meal. The benefit of these dog bone treats is the all natural ingredients. For the person concerned about what your dog is eating, the answers is very simple – something I feel safe enough to eat.

NOZY’S NIBBLETS are a great dog bone treat for that special time when you just want to reward your pet. ENJOY!!!

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